Mayor Murray applauds passage of I-594

Mayor Murray released the following statement on the passage of Initiative 594:

“Today, Washington has made a significant commitment to gun safety for all. States with universal background checks have fewer women killed in domestic violence situations, fewer law enforcement officers shot and fewer firearm suicides.

As the first state to pass this by popular vote, Washington has sent a message of hope to other states that progress is possible. We can act to prevent gun violence. We can save lives.

Our goal has never been about finding a single solution that will end gun violence once and for all. Instead, our goal has been to enact a sound system of commonsense rules that can, by working in concert, make an enormous difference.

This includes creating a more responsible culture around gun sales – which closing the background check loophole will help us achieve. It’s not the final answer to the challenge we face with gun violence. There are many more steps we can take and will take.

But there is no question that, today, Washington voted to create a safer environment in every community throughout this great state.”