Seattle Fire Responses to Saturday Night Wind Storm

October 27–Saturday’s wind storm caused an increase in emergency responses by the Seattle Fire Department. We saw a 13% increase for the day over the previous Saturday.

Between 7 p.m. and midnight, the firefighters responded to 17 Automatic Fire Alarms or Alarm Bells ringing at business and residential buildings.

At 7:40 p.m. at 4700 Ravenna Ave NE we had the first report of a transformer fire. At 7:48 p.m. we had reported of energized wires down at 34th Av S / S Hinds St.  And then a flood of  weather related reports came pouring in.

The Seattle Fire Department had several crews working special events including at Husky Stadium. Firefighters were held on overtime to respond to the increase in emergency responses.

Here is a breakdown of the emergency calls we responded to between 7 p.m. Saturday night and 8 a.m Sunday morning.


Wires Down or arcing:

34th Av S / S Hinds St

922 20th Av E

800 Ne 106th St

3538 E Alder St

28th Av W / W Lynn St

346 Nw 82nd St

4407 Meridian Av N

8409 36th Av Ne

1601 4th Av N

7516 37th Av Sw

4203 Sw Hill St

7133 34th Av Sw

3556 Sw 110th St

30th Av S / S Chicago St

2608 17th Av S

4846 51st Av Sw

3743 Sw Ida St

21st Av Sw / Sw Brandon St

S Holgate Br


Power Pole on Fire:

N 55th St / Greenwood Av N

2701 S Walden St


Transformer or vault blown or  fire:

410 W Barrett St


8th Av Nw / Nw 46th St


Trees into houses at:

6023 S Roxbury St

5625 Sw Admiral Way

825 Hillside Dr E

28th Av W / W Lynn St

2846 S Portland St


Tree into car:

Beacon Av S / S Myrtle St


Tree onto person:

1st Av / Madison St


Tree Down:

420 W Armour St

4407 Meridian Av N

1601 4th Av N

550 36th Av E

3743 Sw Ida St

S Holgate Br


Elevator Rescues:

1915 2nd Av

914 E Jefferson St

708 6th Av N

1110 E Spring St

201 S King St


Awning, window or scaffolding down:

500 Pine St

6339 34th Av Sw

Western Av / Vine St