Park Board to hold public hearing on Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area on Oct. 23

The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area at its regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, in the Kenneth R. Bounds Park Board Room at 100 Dexter Ave. N, in Denny Park at the corner of Dexter and Denny Way.

Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area public hearing and possible vote:  Magnolia Manor Off-Leash Area has come to the end of its 18-month pilot status. At the end of a pilot project, Parks staff monitor the off-leash area and collect data to help evaluate the off-leash area based on established criteria. Staff will present their findings to the Board of Park Commissioners in both a presentation and a written report. Two weeks prior to the meeting the written report will be available here. Based on the evaluation presented by Parks staff, and testimony from the public, the Board of Park Commissioners will make a recommendation to the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation.

Those who want to provide input, but are not able to come to the meeting can give written comments, which bear equal weight to verbal comments. Please email comments to

2015-2016 Biennium Budget:  Michele Finnegan, Director of Finance for Seattle Parks and Recreation, will update the Park Board on the budget issues raised by the City Council.

The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners is a nine-member citizen board created by the City Charter. Four members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council; four members are appointed by the City Council; and one member is a young adult appointed by the YMCA Get Engaged Program ( Current members are Antoinette Angulo, Chair Tom Tierney, Bob Edmiston, Diana Kincaid, Brice Maryman, Lydia Albert, Yazmin Mehdi and Barbara Wright.

The Board generally meets twice a month, normally on the second and fourth Thursday, to advise the Parks and Recreation Superintendent, the Mayor, and the City Council on parks and recreation matters. For more information, please call Rachel Acosta at 206-684-5066 or email her at

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