Murray: ‘Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision is a significant moment for the LGBT community’

Today the Supreme Court of the United States denied petitions in seven cases appealing Federal Circuit Court rulings that found prohibition of marriage for gays and lesbians unconstitutional. This decision secured marriage equality in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. 24 states in the United States now have marriage equality.

This decision also affirmed marriage in the 4th Circuit, 7th Circuit and 10th Circuit. Legal experts believe it is a matter of time before all states will recognize marriage equality.

Mayor Ed Murray released the following statement:

“Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision is a significant moment for the LGBT community and anyone who values equal treatment under the law. It is strong sign that the work we did in Washington State to pass domestic partnership and marriage equality laws was not only the right thing to do for Washington’s thousands of loving gay and lesbian couples, but that our state and our state’s voters were on the right side of constitutional law.

Washington has been a leader in the march for progress: Our state legislature was the first to overturn a DOMA law, and our voters the first to vote to approve marriage equality for all.

While we still look forward to the day where anyone anywhere can marry the person they love, today’s decision puts our country on a strong path towards full marriage equality. It will not be long before a gay or lesbian married couple from Washington will be able to travel to any state in this country without fear of losing their right to protect their family at state lines.

Until that day, let us celebrate this significant moment today.”