Apartment and Condo Residents: Become Composting Champions

Seattle’s recycling program is world class and composting food waste is the key ingredient. You can tip the balance.

If your apartment or condo does not have a food and yard waste cart or you want improvement, Seattle Public Utilities offers free resources:

Friends Of Recycling And Composting (FORC) Program: A one-time $100 rebate, and a training which qualifies your property for free kitchen food waste containers for every unit plus a three-month stock of 3-gallon compostable bags with dispenser. Get started at www.seattle.gov/util/apartmentfoodwaste.

Technical Assistance or Educational Presentations: Leave message at (206) 684-8717press “2.”

Posters, Labels and Brochures in Many Languages: Order or download them online at www.seattle.gov/util/recyclingeducation.

Your recycling and composting efforts protect the environment, reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, reduce your repair costs, and make your building a green-friendly place to live.