Van Accessible Parking Stalls

DPD would like to make sure that architects are aware of the code requirements for vertical clearances for van accessible parking. Seattle’s Building Code (SBC) and other standards require accessible van parking to have specific vertical clearances.

  • Larger garages are generally categorized as S2 parking garages (SBC 311.3).   Those that are required to have accessible parking must provide a minimum vertical clearance of 8’-2” for the van parking stall, access aisle, and associated vehicular route per the International Code Council standard A117.1-2009 section 502.6.
  • Residential group R2 and R3 buildings with group U private garages (such as small multifamily structures), can have a minimum vertical clearance of 7’-0” per the exception listed in SBC 1106.5.
  • Private garages and carports are categorized as U occupancies (SBC 312) and must comply with SBC 406 (see SBC 406.3 – 406.3.5).  They are limited in size to 1,000 or 3,000 square feet (SBC 406.3.1 and 406.3.2).

For more information, contact:

Lynn Goto
(206) 233-7179