Two Alarm Fire in Fremont Building

October 1, 2014—The Seattle Fire Investigators ruled the fire at 434 N 35th Street as undetermined. Due to concerns regarding the structural integrity of the building, investigators were not able to enter the building and examine evidence to determine a cause.

At 12:53 a.m. on Tuesday September 30th a 911 came into dispatchers at the Fire Alarm Center reporting flames coming from a commercial building in Fremont. The first arriving unit found a large column of black smoke pouring from the structure with flames coming out of all sides of the building.

About a dozen employees safely evacuated after pulling the fire alarm. Due to the heavy amount of fire inside the building and no one being inside, the crews went defensive, meaning they fought the fire from the outside to minimize the risk to firefighter’s lives. Flames were exposing or threatening nearby buildings so the incident commander called for a second-alarm, doubling the amount of firefighters and fire apparatus on the scene.

Firefighters quickly knocked down an attic fire after the fire extended to an adjacent building. Nearby buildings were evacuated as a precaution and utilities were cut off to the block.

It took nearly an hour to control the fire due to the heavy amount of flames. It took more than two hours to completely extinguish the structure fire.

There were no reported injuries.

The Hazardous Materials Team was on scene due to the amount of hazardous material products stored at the business.
The scene has been turned over to the property owners who will be working with private contractors to remove the hazardous materials and runoff from the fire.

Seattle Public Utilities is handling runoff from the fire.

The Department of Planning and Development is working with a private structural engineer hired by the owner to determine its structural integrity and necessary repairs.

The damage estimate of the fire is several million dollars.

Seattle King County Health has more information on what to do during a Hazardous Materials Accident: