Seawall construction begins on the central waterfront on October 1

Starting season two of construction, the Seawall Project will begin work October 1 along Alaskan Way between Pike and Madison streets. The Seattle Department of Transportation advises travelers of the following activities within the Seawall Project area:

  • The existing street parking along the west side of the Alaskan Way Viaduct will be removed to make room for the construction work zone. Visit for more information about parking availability and rates.
  • North/south vehicular traffic will continue as today along Alaskan Way, under the Alaskan Way Viaduct.
  • Ferry terminal access on Alaskan Way will shift one block south, from Spring Street to just south of Madison Street.
  • The multi-use path on either side of the viaduct will remain open for pedestrians and bicyclists, although short-term closures of the path on the west side of the viaduct are expected during the first month of construction as the new work zone is set up.
  • Many of the waterfront’s favorite attractions will remain open and accessible throughout construction, including the Great Wheel and many Pier 57 businesses, the Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises, and businesses along the east side of Alaskan Way.
  • Access to Waterfront Park and Pier 57 will be maintained at the north end, near the Seattle Aquarium.

You can find more information about current seawall construction at the Seawall Project website or check out our construction toolkit (PDF).

For more information:

24-hour hotline: 206.618.8584