Mayor Murray statement on minimum density legislation

Mayor Murray released the following statement today regarding his proposed minimum density legislation:

“My thanks to the City Council for their action today on my proposed minimum density legislation. This is the most recent example of neighborhood engagement in zoning decisions that help the city focus development within pedestrian-designated areas in Urban Centers, Urban Villages and the Station Area Overlay District.

Traditionally, the Seattle zoning code has requirements that stipulate the maximum density for each development. Today we are doing things a bit differently: we’re working with neighbors who want more density where it makes sense. They want vibrant urban zones and mixed-use density in the right places. These new rules, which establish minimum floor area ratio, set minimum density requirements for these developments so they foster compact, vibrant, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood centers that serve the needs of local residents.

This ordinance replaces interim regulations the Council adopted last fall in response to neighborhood input on proposed single-story developments in Wallingford, Uptown and West Seattle. Area residents noted that the proposed structures were significantly smaller than the maximum size of structures allowed, and were not in keeping with development in these pedestrian-friendly business districts. Essentially, the developers could have built higher and decided not to. With the help of this ordinance, we will now take better advantage of development capacity.

Thank you to all involved for helping us seize this opportunity to support our shared vision for denser, walkable neighborhoods in our urban centers and urban villages.”