Likely afternoon congestion at Northgate I-5 off-ramps

The Seattle Department of Transportation will begin the final phase of its repaving project on North Northgate Way next Monday, Sept. 8.  Construction crews will be repaving the one-block section of Northgate Way, immediately to the west of I-5.  This stretch, between Meridian Avenue North and Corliss Avenue North (the street immediately adjacent to the west side of I-5), will be reduced to a single travel lane in each direction.

The lane reduction, which will remain in place until the repaving is finished in mid-November, is likely to create traffic backups.  Motorists should be aware that heavy traffic volumes during the afternoon commute could also result in backups on both the north- and southbound I-5 off-ramps.  Motorists exiting I-5 at Northgate are encouraged to consider using off-ramps to either the north or south, if possible.  Doing so will help to reduce congestion on Northgate Way and the I-5 off-ramps to it, as well as shorten motorist commute times.

Also on Monday, Sept. 8, the travel lanes of Northgate Way between Aurora Avenue North and Meridian Avenue North, currently reduced for repaving, will be fully restored to two lanes in each direction.

Improvements that are part of the North 105th/North Northgate Way Project include complete roadway repaving, new sidewalks and curb ramps, drainage improvements, street lighting and street trees from Greenwood Avenue North to Corliss Avenue North.  SDOT is also upgrading traffic signals from Greenwood Avenue North to Lake City Way Northeast (and along Lake City Way to North 120th Street), as well as installing two new dynamic message signs to provide drivers with real time travel information.  The entire project is scheduled for completion in mid-November.

More information can be found on the project website at