DPD at the 2014 Seattle Design Festival

The Seattle Design Festival (SDF) brings together citizens, city leaders, and designers through workshops, tours, talks, films and gatherings to exchange ideas. This year, SDF’s theme “Design in Motion” focuses the spotlight on how design impacts movement and change. The festival starts with a kickoff event on Friday, September 5 and goes on until September 19. More information on various events can be found on the Design in Public website.

With Seattle 2035 (the major update to Seattle’s comprehensive plan) underway, DPD is organizing three events during the SDF.  On September 10, DPD will host a lecture by Professor Manuel Pastor entitled “Moving Toward an Equitable Future.”  With 120,000 people expected over the next 20 years, it is important for the city to prepare for an increase in diversity while working to prevent an opportunity gap from growing in our city. Professor Pastor will talk about demographic shifts and why cities should promote both equity and growth. As a professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California, Pastor is an expert on economic opportunity and growth. Over the weekend of September 6-7, DPD will be at the “SDF Block Party” at Occidental Plaza with interactive activities and information on transportation-related emerging directions for Seattle 2035. Finally, on September 13, DPD will host a conference session “Seattle: A City in Motion” at the Seattle Public Library Central where we will present information about Seattle 2035 and other planning efforts under way in neighborhoods across the city.  Join us to share your ideas and discuss Seattle 2035 at the 2014 Seattle Design Festival.

For more information about Seattle 2035, visit our website http://2035.seattle.gov.