Retaining wall installation on Westlake Avenue

Throughout much of the month of September, the Seattle Department of Transportation will be installing a retaining wall on the hillside above the west side of Westlake Avenue North, about a third of a mile south of the Fremont Bridge (about a hundred yards south of where the Aurora Bridge passes over Westlake Avenue).  The construction, intended to protect against a landslide that could potentially block Westlake Avenue, will require the reduction of southbound traffic on Westlake Avenue to a single lane during work hours.

Construction is slated to begin next Tuesday, Sept. 2, and finish by Friday, Oct. 2.  Crews will work weekdays, with the curbside travel lane through the construction zone closed each day of construction from 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

The sidewalk through the construction zone will be closed for the duration, with pedestrians directed to cross to the other side of Westlake at either the intersection of Dexter Avenue North and Westlake or at West Crockett Street.

For information on bus service, look for Rider Alert notices at bus stops, see Metro Online, or call 206.553.3000.