We’re painting while the sun shines.

Obey the signs–don’t drive on wet paint.

Seattle drivers will soon have the benefit of repainted lines on major arterial streets throughout the city. Seattle Department of Transportation crews are out painting fresh stripes on major arterial streets—a total of 850 “lane miles”—on days when the weather is warm and dry enough for applying water-based paint. Remarking the yellow, solid white and dashed white lines makes them easier to see, and the reflective beads in the paint also helps, enhancing safety. This will be especially important as daylight time shortens and inclement weather reduces visibility.

The crews have completed work in North Seattle and Downtown, and now are completing work in East Central Seattle. Later this week the crews expect to move on to Southwest Seattle where, if weather is favorable, they expect to complete striping in about three weeks. After Southwest Seattle, they will paint in Southeast Seattle.

Backup trucks follow the paint trucks, progressing along the streets as the paint dries. Drivers must obey the signs on the trucks directing them away from the wet paint.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has been able to restripe streets annually due to funds from the Bridging the Gap transportation initiative.