Mayor Murray provides an update on the Barton foreclosure situation

Mayor Murray today released the following statement about the Barton foreclosure situation:

“Three weeks ago I directed the Seattle Police Department to stand down from removing the Bartons from their home out of concern for the circumstances of the family, and because it wasn’t clear that all options had been explored for connecting the Bartons to services available to them.

Representatives from the City’s Office of Housing as well as the Human Services Department have been in almost daily contact with the Bartons ever since, presenting the family with an array of health and human services for which they may be eligible at the city, county, state and federal levels. To date, the Bartons, however, have not pursued any of these options while choosing to remain in the home.”

I want to add that, during these site visits, staff – who are mandatory reporters – observed conditions inside the residence that required them to submit reports to Adult Protective Services.

I also said three weeks ago that the City would comply with any order from the court to proceed with the eviction, should it come to that.

Today, the judge decided that SPD acted properly in exercising its discretion over the past three weeks. The judge also ruled that the responsibility to execute any court order to remove the Bartons lies with King County. Triangle Properties now has the option to seek a writ against the King County Sheriff’s Office to proceed with the eviction.”