Pavement crack sealing on city streets starts next week, Aug. 5

Starting Tuesday, August 5, Seattle Department of Transportation crews will fill cracks in nine arterial asphalt streets in south Seattle, weather permitting. This process reduces the amount of water that seeps under the pavement causing potholes and other roadway damage, and helps prolong the life of the pavement.

Crews will work on the following streets:

  • South McClellan Street between Martin Luther King, Jr. Way South and Mount Baker Boulevard South
  • South Jackson Street between Rainier Avenue South and 31st Avenue South
  • East Yesler Way between 14th Avenue East and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way South
  • East Jefferson Street between Broadway and 23rd Avenue
  • South Columbian Way between Beacon Avenue South and 15th Avenue South
  • 15th Avenue South between South Columbian Way and South Spokane Street
  • Rainier Avenue South, between 57th Avenue South and South Othello Street – as budget allows
  • Rainier Avenue South between South Othello Street and South Alaska Street – as budget allows
  • Rainier Avenue South between South Alaska Street and South McClellan Street – as budget allows

Typical work hours will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. No street closures will be required but there will be lane closures of up to four hours. On-street parking will be restricted and “no-parking” signs will be posted 72 hours in advance. Sidewalks will remain open at all times. Crews will work to minimize any delays and will provide assistance to traffic as needed.



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