Painting the Fremont Bridge—Notice to Boaters

Boaters planning to pass through the Fremont Bridge should note the weekday restrictions in place starting today, Wednesday July 30 and continuing until further notice while the Seattle Department of Transportation paints this historic structure.

The vertical clearance will be lowered up to five feet due to the work platform by which the contractor will access the steel surfaces under the bridge.

Any vessel that must have both movable leaves of the bridge open to pass through during the work week is advised to do so before 0600 or after 1800.

Boaters who must go through the channel between the hours of 0900 and 1600, Monday through Friday, are requested to contact the SDOT (206.386.4234, 206.386.4251 or 206.255.2995) at least five hours in advance to coordinate with work underway on the bridge.

SDOT has changed the height notification signs located at the center-locks and piers to warn boaters of the reduction in the vertical clearance.  The signs will be flagged to draw boater’s attention to the change.