SPD Response at Downtown Hotel Stems from Seedy Package Delivery

An off-menu room service delivery at a downtown hotel Thursday drew a large response from Seattle Fire’s Hazardous Materials team and SPD’s Arson/Bomb Squad.

The special teams from police and fire were called to the Four Seasons Hotel at 1st Avenue and Union Street just after 12:45 PM after staff found a lumpy package sealed in plastic wrap that was left outside of a vacant hotel room.

Hotel employees, concerned by the package’s odd shape and unclear recipient, called police and fire officials, who opened the package and found six pounds of marijuana, covered several layers of packaging and petroleum jelly.

Police seized the package of pot and transferred to the Evidence Unit for destruction. While personal possession of small quantities of marijuana is now legal in Washington under I-502, six pounds is well over the legal limit.

Police do not believe the package was delivered by hotel room service.