71 ton transformer delivered to Seattle City Light

Large tractor-trailer delivers 71 ton transformer

Goal is to move transformer to this concrete pad


Omega Morgan crew assembles rail system to move the transformer from the trailer to the pad.

Moving a 71-ton transformer from the Port of Seattle to

Shoreline required some specialized skills and equipment.

Seattle City Light ordered the new substation transformer, which is used to step down transmission voltages of 115 kilovolts to the distribution voltages of 26 kilovolts, to enhance reliability by replacing an older model that has reached the end of its useful life. The $1.5 million transformer was specially built for City Light by Hyundai Industries.

Omega Morgan-Seattle used a special articulated tractor trailer rig to move the transformer into the Shoreline Substation on Monday, June 30, 2014. There, a special rail system was assembled to move the 143 ,000-pound transformer from the trailer to a concrete pad. The pad was constructed with special earthquake dampers to minimize any damage, should an earthquake occur.

The new transformer will be completed with equipment required to tie it in to the transmission/distribution system by mid-September.