Mini golf course opens at Magnuson Park

Head over to the Tennis Center Sand Point and get ready to…golf?

This June an outdoor mini golf course opened in Magnuson Park. The course sits in between two tennis center pavilions and was opened by one of the center’s co-founders, Scott Marshall.

“The tennis center has about 3,000 members,” Marshall said. “In the summer when traffic is down, we want to give people a reason to come and be able to enjoy the weather.”

The course is one of the few mini public courses in Seattle and opened through an agreement with Seattle Parks and Recreation. Marshall said the course is slated to be open during the next five summers from Memorial Day through the end of September.

“The tennis day campers really enjoy it,” employee Bobbie Ellison said. “Plus, it brings outsiders in to play putt putt, and then they end up learning about our tennis facility.”

For mini golf course hours and pricing information, please visit