Mayor Ed Murray applauds passage of Seattle Preschool Program

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray today offered his appreciation and praise for the Seattle City Council and the passage of the Seattle Preschool Program proposal through the following statement:

“I want to thank Council President Burgess for his efforts and commitment in developing this recommendation and the whole Council for the strong partnership we expect to come from creating the Seattle Preschool Program.

“This proposal relies on 40 years of data in other locations throughout the country and 10 years of data citywide on how we can best set our kids up for success. It meets federal standards for high quality preschool, including length of school day, teacher certification requirements and evidence-based curriculum and provides a guaranteed source of funding for this vital program for our children.

“Universal preschool is the most significant commitment we can make for the future of Seattle. We must have the right focus in order to achieve the incredible success for kids in Seattle that children in other cities have experienced, including better reading skills, higher graduation rates, lower rates of teen pregnancy, higher college entrance and graduation rates, higher earning potential and lower rates of crime.

“I look forward to working with the rest of the Council to create a school system in Seattle that serves all of our children equally.”

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Video from Preschool Legislation signing: