Mayor Murray pens USA Today column: ‘Seattle has taken a dramatic step to address income disparity’

Mayor Murray published a column in this Sunday’s USA Today explaining his approach to correcting wage inequality in Seattle and why he believes this course could set an example for the rest of the nation:

“Seattle is a vibrant and thriving city. In 2013, we added nearly 15,000 jobs. Construction cranes punctuate the skyline. Our retail and entertainment districts are alive with people day and night.

But that’s not the entire story. We also face a growing disparity between those who can afford what this affluent city has to offer, and those who struggle to get by. One Seattle resident in eight lives in poverty. The top 20% of households take home more than 50% of the income generated in this city — 20 times what households in the bottom 20% earn.

In this, we’re not different from anywhere else in the country. During the past 40 years, more and more wealth has concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer Americans. This undermines the essential promise of our democratic society — equal access and opportunity for all.”

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