Seattle Parks staff end Bike Month with 4,000+ miles under their belts

Seattle Parks Bike Month participant Chloe Wallace


May was Bike Month, a 31-day push for people to ride their bikes to work, on errands and for fun. So naturally, this May Seattle saw about a 160 percent increase in average monthly rainfall. Good thing we Pacific Northwesterners are tough.

Seattle Parks and Recreation had three teams participate in Bike Month’s Adobe Commute Challenge presented by F5. Employees signed up and tracked their trip mileage online competing against teams from other City departments and businesses for top mileage.

The three Seattle Parks teams logged 266 trips and 4,132.8 miles total.

Management Systems Analyst Supervisor Eric Asp claimed nearly 850 miles, topping the chart for the department. He said he looks forward to the Commute Challenge every year and sees it as a way to get in shape for summer bicycling. “I have been riding for many years,” Asp said. “I like passing cars in rush hour traffic.”

Spin, Pedal, and Ride Team Captain and Community Center Coordinator Kyle Griggs logged the most trips for the department totaling 21. Griggs has ridden his bike to work consistently since January 2013 and has served as a team captain for Bike Month for the past three years.

Adobe Commute Challenge Seattle Parks team captain Kyle Griggs

“I really enjoy talking with either new bike commuters or individuals that are getting back on the bike for the first time in a while,” Griggs said. “Their excitement is infectious and it is awesome to see people enjoying themselves getting to work.”

Parks Naturalist Anne Bentley returned to regular riding after getting out of the habit. Bentley rode her bike to and from work every day in May.

“This month is the most consistent riding I’ve done since 1997 when I was training for a triathalon,” Bentley said. “Riding my bike to and from work is a mini vacation, and I liked secretly competing with my teammates to see who made the most trips.”

Environmental Communications Intern Chloe Wallace also overcame some challenges to participate in her first Bike Month. She spent May biking to and from the University of Washington and from the university to the Westbridge Parks facility in West Seattle. “The weather was pretty nice this month, but there was one day that I kept waiting for the rain to stop and it wouldn’t,” Wallace said. “So I put on all my rain gear and went for it anyway. Those are the days I’m most proud of biking. Even if I go at a slow pace, at least I’m out there.”

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