Volunteer Park promises a breathtaking dahlia display

In 1913, the dahlia was established as the City of Seattle’s official flower, and the Board of Park Commissioners requested that the flower be planted in suitable quantities throughout local parks.

If you make it to Volunteer Park this summer, you’ll be glad they did.

The Puget Sound Dahlia Association, the Northwest’s largest and most active dahlia club, has maintained the dahlia garden in Volunteer Park for 30 years.

On May 17, 15 volunteers converged to till the grounds and plant hundreds of dahlia tubers. Part of the bed was left untilled since it held over-wintered dahlias, which will be the first to bloom. The rest of the grounds were organized along the bloom forms classification, with open-centered varieties in the north bed.

The dahlia plot is located near the Volunteer Park Conservatory. The plot is planted every May and is dug up in the fall. To view the flowers in all of their glory, visitors should stop by in August, but the growing season usually lasts from July through early fall. The small plot boasts a variety of dahlia colors and forms.