Mayor Murray statement on Seattle Police enforcement patterns

Mayor Murray released the following statement today regarding a presentation given to the Community Police Commission about Seattle Police enforcement patterns:

“The preliminary statistics in the Seattle Police Department’s presentation to the Community Police Commission today are deeply concerning to me.

They appear to support what many in the community have told us from first-hand experience: that, over a relatively small number of years, there has been a steep decline in proactive enforcement activity in Seattle. The report also suggests that people of color disproportionately make up those who are frequently cited or arrested for certain types of crimes or violations, although we still need a more thorough understanding of what exactly this raw data reflects.

These findings deserve further investigation by the Community Police Commission, the Police Department and my office.

I want to thank the Commission for working cooperatively with SPD to focus on these issues. My administration and our next police chief will be committed to learning more about what this data suggests for effective policing in Seattle. Analysis of disparate impacts is a useful tool to analyze whether the community is receiving the law enforcement services it deserves.

I have repeatedly stated that my goal is to see that the Seattle Police Department becomes a national model for urban policing, and, on Monday, I will announce my selection for Seattle’s new chief of police. This analysis, and the lessons we learn from it, will help us achieve that end.”

View the presentation: