Arbor Heights House Burns Again

May 5 – A fire erupted around 5:00 am at the house that burned previously on April 29 (see blog post dated April 30). Firefighter’s quick actions and previous knowledge of the building aided in their ability to make sure everyone was safe and aggressively extinguish the fire in 10 minutes.

Since the building already had holes in the floors and roof from the previous fire, the flames were able to quickly move through the structure and directly up to the roof.  Fire crews will remain on scene throughout the day to make sure any embers do not reignite the structure.

It is still undetermined how the April 29 fire began since investigators have not been able to speak with the occupant who has been hospitalized since the original fire.   Investigators are now tasked with deciphering the evidence from two fires in the same building.  The lead investigators from each fire will work closely together to find the cause of both fires.