May Day March and Rally Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 1, an estimated 600 participants will gather at Judkins Park at 1 p.m. for a rally, and leave from that location at 3 p.m. on a march which will culminate in a May Day rally at Westlake Park. The event is organized by El Comité,

Leaving the park located at 20th Avenue South and South Dearborn Street, the marchers will move north on 20th to South Jackson Street; west on Jackson to Boren Avenue; north on Boren to Madison Street; west on Madison to Fourth Avenue; north on Fourth to Pine Street and into Westlake Park for a rally.

Seattle Police will escort the marchers, and motorists should expect a rolling slowdown and heavy traffic as the procession moves along the route to Westlake Park. Considerable congestion will likely occur and impact traffic throughout the Downtown area during the afternoon commute.

There is a possibility that Fourth Avenue will be closed during the rally at Westlake Park.

There is also a possibility of other May Day-related gatherings in the Downtown area for which organizers have not requested permits from the City of Seattle.