Fourth Avenue Bridge over Argo Rail YardCurb lane closures, May 2

Painting of the pedestrian and traffic railings on the Fourth Avenue South Bridge over the Argo Railroad Yard in SODO, which started on Saturday, April 19, will finish on this coming Saturday, May 2. Work on Saturday will require rolling closures of the curb lane in both the north- and southbound directions between 7 a.m. and noon.

Crews working from a pickup truck in the curb lane will work on one side of the street before switching to the other. Only a short length of the curb lane will be closed at any one time, with the closure “rolling” along the bridge as the work progresses. Three of the four lanes will remain open while the crew paints the steel railings on the bridge. The sidewalk on the west side of the bridge will remain open throughout the work.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is repainting this bridge, as well as the First Avenue South Bridge over the same Argo Railroad Yard, as part of the city’s ongoing asset preservation effort that provides for the periodic painting of each of SDOT’s structural steel bridges.