Mayor Murray announces next steps in search for police chief

The co-chairs of Mayor Murray’s police chief Search Committee released the following statements today after candidates for the police chief job were named in the media:

“While we value the importance of confidentiality to the police chief search, we determined that, with the identities of some candidates now publicly known, a fully confidential process is no longer possible at this stage.

We also understand and appreciate the public’s desire to know details of this critically important process as it unfolds. Which is why at this time we are confirming that the Search Committee is asking the four outstanding candidates recently identified in the press to complete a competitive exam before potentially advancing to the next stage of the vetting process for the chief of police position.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to screen and thoroughly evaluate these and other applicants as the Search Committee makes progress toward our goal of recommending the best three individuals from our highly talented pool of applicants to Mayor Murray for his final review and selection by mid-May.”

– Pramila Jayapal, Search Committee co-chair

“We are very appreciative of the all the individuals who’ve expressed interest in becoming Seattle’s next chief of police – particularly of the four candidates whose names are now public.

Each of the candidates identified thus far has the background, the skills and the commitment that Mayor Murray has articulated as critical attributes of the next chief of police – integrity, management experience, the ability to be a change agent and drive reform. All are highly regarded in their communities and each would make incredible contributions to ours.

We didn’t initially plan to confirm the identities of candidates before the Committee sends its three finalists to the Mayor, but after checking with each of the four, we are confident that each remains a viable, enthusiastically interested, potentially game-changing candidate for chief of police.”

– Ron Sims, Search Committee co-chair