Camp Blaze is Back and it is Free!

Do you know any young women between the ages of 16 to 19?

Inspire them to step into the world of a firefighter and witness their success.

Using the challenging arena of firefighting, Camp Blaze teaches young teenage women the value of team work, leadership skills and the power of self-confidence. This week long, life changing adventure is achieved by teaming young women of various backgrounds with some of the most respected women firefighters in the country. Together the campers will develop priceless life skills as they conquer raging fires, crumpled cars and death-defying heights.

In 2001, nine female firefighters from across the country, including two from Seattle, started Camp Blaze. These female firefighters had the desire to encourage and nurture confidence and strength in young women.  They wanted to share the life enhancing experience of being a firefighter with young women and decided a full-immersion experience would have the biggest impact.  Today their vision has grown to include 5 fire camps for young women across the country including one in Canada.  Camp Blaze runs from July 25 through August 2, 2014.

The Seattle Fire Department hired the first woman firefighter in 1978, currently there are about 90 women working for the Seattle Fire Department today including a former camper from Camp Blaze. It is programs like Camp Blaze that has made a significant impact in nurturing strong confident women thereby improving the participation of women in the fire service.

Camp Blaze, which is free, is now accepting applications for this year’s camp which occurs July 25 – August 2, 2014.  This unique Camp only happens every two years so don’t miss the opportunity.  The application deadline for potential campers is May 1.

Do not miss an opportunity to inspire someone.

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