Mayor talks with Senior Zoo Walkers about Parks funding and pays a social visit to the penguin exhibit

The Mayor met today with the Senior Zoo Walkers, a group of dedicated older adults spanning in age from 55- to 90-years-old who meet up every Tuesday and Thursday to stretch together, walk the zoo paths, and socialize. They chatted with the Mayor about his proposed Legacy Funding Plan for parks and had questions about his plans to improve downtown safety and bicycle safety on city streets.

Senior Zoo Walkers is a joint program between the Woodland Park Zoo, Group Health Cooperative, and the Seattle Parks and Recreation Sound Steps walking program. It attracts between 40 to 100 walkers every session and has been in place at the zoo since 1990. Many participants have been in the program for a decade or more and are passionate about the zoo and the well-being of its animals.

The Mayor also stopped by the zoo’s Humboldt Penguin exhibit to learn more about the animals, their habitat, and the care they receive. Lead zookeeper John Samaras introduced the Mayor and a few members of his staff to several penguins, including a pushy penguin named Fiona, a funny little waddler named Cortez, and a precious newborn chick that hatched just this week!