Tug Boat Fire

On Wednesday April 2, Seattle Fire units from Ballard, Magnolia and the Marine Team successfully battled a 2 alarm fire on the Tug Boat Samson Mariner.
Workers on the Samson Mariner called Seattle Fire’s dispatch center at 2:53 pm to report a fire on the boat which was moored at Fisherman’s Terminal. Heavy black smoke was seen as fire units arrived. Once it was confirmed that the boat was evacuated, Firefighters concentrated their efforts at containing the fire to one room which was located near the bow of the boat. Firefighters shut all the doors leading to the fire room in an effort to suffocate the fire. Once the lack of oxegyn started to have a noticable effect on the fire, the crews were able to enter the room with foam and water to complete the extinguishment. With this technique, a minimal amount of water entered the hull and therefor the stability of the vessel was not compromised. The Coast Guard arrived on scene to confirm that no environmental issue existed.
Seattle Firefighters were able to limit the damage to the vessel to $200,000 but most importantly, there were no injuries. Fire investigators determined the cause of the fire was due to overheated electrical wiring.


Photo courtesy of John Odegard