Enjoy Plate of Nations March 21-April 5





Plate of Nations is the signature event of the MLK Business Association (MLKBA) formed in 2008 to promote the independently owned businesses in the MLK community. MLK Jr. Way South is home to some of Seattle’s best, independently owned ethnic eateries. MLKBA invites Seattleites to taste the rich flavors these local restaurants have to offer on March 21 to April 5. Participating restaurants include Bananas Grill (Mediterranean and Middle Eastern), Huarachitos Cocina Mexicana (Mexico City), and The Original Philly’s (American East Coast). Plate of Nations is funded by the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development’s Only in Seattle initiative.

Last year, over 1000 people enjoyed Plate of Nations special menus, representing diners from over 4 states, 19 cities in Washington State, and 35 Seattle neighborhoods. These folks bolstered Seattle’s local economy by spending tens of thousands of dollars, and got to enjoy cultural experiences with global menus at local venues on MLK in the Valley (some won prizes, too!).

Plate of Nations was launched in 2011 by the MLK Business Association to create a festive event where MLK restaurants can showcase some of their favorite dishes with special menus that invite customers to experience their cultural traditions.

The MLK Business Association (MLK BA) is a non-profit organization established in 2008 to serve the businesses along Martin Luther King Jr. Way South in Seattle. Its vision is to “build a strong, vibrant, and culturally diverse business community that is a destination second to none in the Pacific Northwest.”